I was born in South America, where home cooked family meals were an important part of daily life. Sundays were particularly memorable as the entire family came over to share the homemade meal my mother had prepared. I can still remember, and even smell, the aroma that enveloped the kitchen.

When my son was 2 years old we traveled to Italy to introduce my baby to the family I have there. It was during this time in Italy that I found inspiration in the culinary arts. I fell in love with the foods and spices that Europe had to offer.

I soon started buying cook books, taking notes, asking for recipes and I just kept cooking and cooking.

I am now Nonna to my 3 beautiful grandchildren.  I love cooking for them and spoiling them with their favorite homemade meals every chance I get. I know that with the busy schedules we keep these days it can be difficult to squeeze in time to make a homemade meal the way our grandparents used to.  Nonna’s Kitchen exists to provide those meals.

I make all my pasta fresh, all of my sauces are made from scratch and I take pride in every dish I prepare.